Some new stickers in my shop

 Hey it's been a while since i wrote about stickers so here are some new stuff i recently added to my sticker shop on Red Bubble. They all are cool, check them out or even buy if you feel like slaping some stickers around.

Ghosts haunt in packs sticker by Gregory Avoyan
"Ghosts haunt in packs" sticker pack

Romantic zombie sticker by Gregory Avoyan
"Romantic Zombie gives you flowers"

Alien octopus sticker by Gregory Avoyan
"Alien Octopus"


Some facts about Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition

Friends asked me about the paper mode of Wacom’s latest graphics tablet - Intuos Pro 2. I’ve been using it for about 5 months already and it's wonderful. But its paper drawing side was not reviewed much, so here’s my small review. I’ll not discuss surface, Pro Pen 2 and just concentrate on paper and Wacom fine tip gel pen.
Gregory Avoyan's sketches for sticker pack
Some paper mode sketches for a sticker pack

The paper that comes with Intuos Pro 2 Paper Edition feels and looks like ordinary printer paper. It’s not something special. This tablet works fine with any kind of paper, so use any but don't forget about common sense. I don't actually see reasons to use some kind of watercolor paper for drawing with 0,4 tip gel pen on it. Neither it will make your sketches look any better when they will be sent to digital realm via the Inkspace app. Various kinds of printer paper work fine, remember – those are just sketches.

The pen works fine, it feels good in the hand and is rather weighty. I enjoy longer pens, so if you put the cap on the back side of the pen while you are drawing, it becomes longer and more balanced, as for me. Ink is black, dries quick and flows smoothly. I prefer wider tips, my favs are 0.8 but I just started to make sketches smaller with this pen. There is also 1 mm Wacom ballpoint pen but I have not bought it yet and am not sure if I will.

Refills are very small! The pen comes with 3 additional refills when you buy Paper Edition tablet, and you can order those refills in the number of 5. Rather a high cost, by the way. And they are not universal, like if you think that you’d just put refill from your cheap ballpoint pen in the Wacom pen and it will work fine - you are just wrong. The diameter of Wacom refills is rather small, ordinary ballpoint refill is a little bit wider and it will not fit. So the only way is to order Wacom refills and use them. This is rather sad. Empty refill works good, so you can sketch with pencil on paper and then trace it with Wacom pen with empty ink cartridge - it will still appear digitally, you can even turn real-time mode on and see your lines on screen!

As to the output, lines are captured very good and digital sketch feels almost like your hand drawing. The line has almost the same thickness, almost no variance. Cant say its very pleasant, but well it’s a sketch. It can be exported, the best quality export is PSD. PNG export is rather blurry and small in size. SVG export was not just very good at first but this seems to be fixed now. But I’d personally prefer to export in PSD and then trace it in Cocoapotrace.

So to conclude, I must admit that this technology is actually very interesting and promising. Right now it’s better to be thought of as of a special kind of sketchbook. And it is great this way. I’m not sure about being able to create some kind of finished linework this way, lines you get are not so pretty and you will run out of refills rather quickly. But for doodling and sketching it's very cool and I really hope to see much more various types of pens sometime.

Alien's sticker pack by Gregory Avoyan
And the final product. I had to redraw each line in vector form. See the difference

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this device and it will be especially interesting if you have bought or tried Wacom Intuos Ballpoint pen and can share your experiences. 


The Hedgehog

Hedgehog by Gregory Avoyan
The Hedgehog

Two days ago i asked my 8-year old daughter which animal should i draw next. She replied it should be a hedgehog with glowing red eyes and bloody needles. But i’m not so brutal as she is so this hedgehog turned out to be just little bit crazy.

Affinity Designer, as always. Here are also some additional images with sketch, outline mode, and detail. Have fun and watch out for crazy hedgehogs!

Check out colourful stickers with this guy! Just 3 bucks and the object you put it on becomes little bit crazier! See ya!

Sketch of the Hedgehog by Gregory Avoyan
The sketch
Outline mode of the Hedgehog by Gregory Avoyan
Outline mode
Detail of the Hedgehog by Gregory Avoyan
Face details


Black metal crow

Black metal crow
Black metal crow

This crow is just a fan of black metal music. Actually started as a doodle i did all bored in Affinity Designer. I prefer to start any vector work with traditional sketch in pencil but this was not the case. It took rather long this time, though, maybe thats just because of inaccuracy of digital sketch...

Also, small cards and stickers with this image are available in my printshop, buy them


Sphinx cat

Sphinx cat by Gregory Avoyan
Sphinx cat
I love these cats actually. They have some kind of unique character. This one is very destructive... The inspiration for this picture came spontaneously, i even didn't do any pencils for it so just small sketch and vector finish. As always, done in Affinity Designer.

By the way small prints of it are available in my print shop.


Snake Girl II

Snake girl II

So here comes second snake girl. The previous one was made in 2016 when i just started to explore this woodcut-like style. Comparing these two i really see a lot of progress and this also makes me questioning how will I percept my current stuff 2 years later? Will i hate it or what?

Both are done in Affinity Designer, Snake girl I started as a sketch in my pocket sketchbook, though snake girl II was drawn in pencil especially for this technique.


The Blue King

The theme on Illustration Friday was "Blue" and actually this was the first time i post to this great illustration community, so the image appeared to my inner sight just by itself. I visualised the king in blue cloak. It took about 4 hours to bring it to final. I usually draw it in pencil on paper, then scan and open in Affinity Designer, which is my favorite app. So i just outline it with vector brush and my wacom tablet, and then add some color, and maybe a paper texture over it... So thats it.

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