My favourite art supplies

Once upon a time I started painting - that was 13 years ago and I have been studying law in Moscow. I didn't know anything about art materials, so there was a vast field of experiments in front of me. I started with acrylic paints, tried many different brands, and quickly enough realized the difference between cheap paints and more expensive ones. This difference first appeared to me right on my palette - when you clean it of dry acrylic paints, the cheap one easily flows away with a tide of water and some light skratching, and the expensive one is so strong that you might need a knife to cut it out. That was just what I thought correct strength of paint film in the painting should be like. So i finally quit buing cheap paints and concentrated on experiments with more expensive ones.

And i quickly found out that the best paint for me, with perfect consistency, strong film, big color range and great lightfastness are marked by words "Royal Talens".

Since these old times I switched many medium but always found that whatever I do in art Talens always a guarantee of highest quality materials.

Now I paint in oils, with Talens paints and their excellent brushes. And thats still the pleasure, I must say!

Sad thing is that in Russia its hard to find these materials, many art shops prefer to sell something cheap...

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