Old road and garages

Old road and garages by Gregory Avoyan

Here comes an older work of mine, which was done with PVA tempera paints. These paints act like acrylics, but they result usually in little more matt and light finish. I like to use them but not often, since i started to work in oils i seldom use paints with color shift and that dry fast. But sometimes, when you are in proper mood, they are just fine! Also, these paints may be nice underpainting for gouache. After dry - they dont mix with water - just like acrylics, so you may easily work with gouache over them and they wont affect your gouache layer.

As to subject, those garages are on the back of my city and i was hanging out with friends arond there and since that time they grew older and more rust covered. I love old structures, they make me wonder about life they "saw".

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