Wilhelm Lehmbruck's paintings

Wilhelm Lehmbruck

I recently started collecting on Pinterest paintings of Wilhelm Lehmbruck, famous sculptor from the beginning of the 20th century. And it's clear now that his paint works are really rare - i could find about 4 of them over the internet, and i also scanned a bunch of images from the book about the artist that i have. So it's a lot images to find, the fact that's both good and bad. Good because its like the essence of the hobby of collecting something you are passionate about, bad because for now i'm not sure where to look for his paintings.

Wilhelm Lehmbruck, "Composition", 1913
Wilhelm Lehmbruck, "Composition", 1913
Anyway, as i know there are 84 paintings of him, and he always considered them as finished works and insisted that they should be treated as his sculpures are. But critics feel different about these works, some say they are true works of art, others call them just a studies.

Wilhelm Lehmbruck, "Composition", 1913
Wilhelm Lehmbruck, "Susanna", 1913
As for me, i find them very expressive and i dont doubt their artistic quality. Here i post few of them, and if you want to see all Lehmbruck's paintings i have already collected, check out my pinterest board for them.
It'd be interesting if you tell what do you think about these works.

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