Sketchbook: drawing what's around #1

Sketchbook is a number one thing i try not to forget while going somewhere. I prefer pocket sized sketchbooks so that you dont need a bag to keep your sketchbook in,  and i also have no "one and only" media to make sketches, though i tend to something inky instead of something chalky (including graphite). Inky line always feels more alive to me and it doesnt smudge. With graphite you often get your sketchbook pages all smudged, so its better for long drawing, in my opinion, than for sketching.

Last month or two i find myself sketching in a very small sizes - i usually split A6 notebook page in two parts. Small size helps to capture the essence of scene really quick. I draw with 0,8 Sakura pen and two FC Pitt brushpens with different shades of grey. So these are my tools:
Sketchbook drawing setup of Gregory Avoyan
And below are some scans of my sketchbook pages, made during my everyday walks.

Sketchbook page by Gregory Avoyan

Sketchbook page by Gregory Avoyan

Sketchbook page by Gregory Avoyan
I am big fan of sketchbooks so i think i will post more sketches later.
My gallery of recent works you may always find on my Deviant Art account


  1. Belli,sono essenziali.Mi ricordano,come stile,i fumetti di 'Mutts' di Patrick McDonnell.

    1. Sì, lo stile di linea appare allo stesso modo. Non conoscevo questo artista, grazie per avermelo su di lui!