Useful cardboard

I've been making "canvas or cardboard" may times and thought that maybe you have never tried to make it on your own and it can be fun and save you some cash.

Usual stretched canvas have some flaws actually, even though they are so classic, they are expensive, they may lose their shape and theres always a big chance with them that after 500 years they'll rot cause they were not prepared correctly. :)

So if you have not yet thrown away the box from your new 50 inch TV - you can easily cut a piece of carboard from it to the sizes you need and glue any linen cloth on it - i use old linen bed clothes. You just cover one side of cardboard with PVA or similar glue, put cloth on there, trying to keep it flat, and then you should glue a newspaper or any other cheap paper to the back of your cardboard - to prevent your cardboard from twisting. After it's dry - you'll have quite a hard base for your paintings, at least for studies it is good. Just dont forget to use good primer for it...

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