Android tablet sketches

Lena in train by Gregory Avoyan
Lena in train
android tablet sketch
Here are some of my sketches made on android tablet in Sketchbook Pro. I use tablet with stylus a lot for concept and idea visualisation, and sometimes i switch to painting or drawing from nature with it.

Pink cafe by Gregory Avoyan
Pink cafe
android tablet sketch
There are some difficulties when painting on tablets - they require some practice to get used to them and they don't show everything well in bright daylight, so tablet sketching feels best indoors. From the other hand tablets, especially with good stylus and drawing program, give you almost endless creative possibilities.

New year tree by Gregory Avoyan
New year tree
android tablet sketch
For more natural sketching you may always get a paper texture from internet or scan it yourself, put it on layer above your drawing and set the layer in multiply mode. You will get the feeling of paper. After you get used to all the instrument your program gives you, you'll be able to simulate natural media and your sketches will feel less polished and digital - like in the image below.

Summer joys by Gregory Avoyan
Summer joys
android tablet "postcard"
From the other hand, you can easily create texture effects yourself by using special instruments or expressive drawing techniques with lots of color changing. Anyway, you get all the fun! Just relax and make art happen :)

Orange cafe by Gregory Avoyan
Orange cafe
android tablet sketch
By the way, my last painting of Christ started with a tablet sketch in cafe...

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