Art unlimited: Nickolai Barabanov

In may by Nickolai Barabanov
Nickolai Barabanov - In May
acrylics on cardboard

Artist Nickolai Barabanov is very special for me because he actually is my friend and someone whom i started painting with. We both are self taught (even though i had some teachers to guide me) and we have always had a lot in common, specifically in our art.

Still life with watermelon by Nickolai Barabanov
Nickolai Barabanov - Still life with watermelon
acrylics on cardboard

In post earlier i already mentioned the art group named Time Directed Art, so it were me and Nickolai who started this group. Sure we were influenced a lot by art vanguard of the beginning of 20th century, with all those manifestos and uncontrolled freedom of expression. But anyway, our group made for us what it had to - it gave us unity and tons of inspiration.

Act by Nickolai Barabanov
Nickolai Barabanov - Act
acrylics on cardboard

Nickolai always liked an absurd in art, but also his works were not cut off from reality - this is what we both kept as a guiding star for us - reality. His art of that time was also keeping some sort of mysticism in it, so the whole mix looked always cool in final pictures. He has always had his own style in imagery, and in other arts too - he wrote poetry and played in the band.

Red by Nickolai Barabanov
Nickolai Barabanov - Red
acrylics on cardboard

Life goes on, he finally switched from fine arts to cinema, got degree of assistant director and just released his short movie "No exi(s)t". But what i personally like most among his creations are paintings. I have created Pinterest board with some works by Nickolai Barabanov, it will be updated. Come see it here!

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