"Gone away" and some positive feedback

Gone away by Gregory Avoyan
Gone Away
mixed media on paper, 40x60 cm

From Gallerie Idea FB page:
"Gregory "Gone Away"
60 x 40 cm of mixed media and one of the most mysterious pictures in the Gallery. Who is the man? Where is he running (from)? And why? 
One is for sure, at the opening party on 17th October this was the most admired painting and it might be “gone away“ from the Gallery very soon "

This painting is what i consider my best work of 2012. It was made in autumn, and i think autumn atmosphere played the role in my creative process. It was something lonely, forever lost, distorted - what i wanted to tell, so after lots of positive feedback about this image i may think of it as of success. 

If you like this work, you might order great quality prints of it from my DA printstore.
Also if you are in Prague or are planning to go there till the end of this year, this work and some my other artworks are exhibited in Gallerie Idea - come see them in real. 

No matter what - wish you all good! :)

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