The digital prayer

«Prayer» digital painting by Gregory Avoyan

I’ve been recently notified that my digital work «December» is going to be exhibited on Mobile Digital Art&Creativity Summit in Palo Alto this August. I’ll tell more about this later, but the fact itself made me think that digital art is really not a toy, but a real new and fest-emerging art technique, which got new strength after our mobile devices became more powerful. Now this new technique may be taken with you anywhere - the actual problem of old-school digital art was that you are tied to your computer. Now we can stay mobile and work anywhere on the devices just fast enough. And as i know, now even sculpture may be created on the mobile devices in 3D-modelling apps, and then 3D-printed out. Wow!

«The Praying Girl» charcoal drawing by Gregory Avoyan

So feeling inspired about the new possibilities of digital media, i wanted to remake something old of my own, to bring new life to something forgotten. So i found this old sketch of praying girl and made a new version, which i now prefer to call simply «Prayer». 

Really i am thinking about re-making some of my old stuff in digital form, or also i remember some old image ideas that can be done easily now on digital device - for both practice and inspiration, which may be the result of this work. 

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